Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Hey ive just received this from lovenskate stu

Lovenskate has a Board in an Exhibition of Skateboards in East London called 'DECKED'. The board is the Screaming Foot graphic by Graham Mitchell - http://mitchellgraham.blogspot.com/, famed for its "Cease and Desist" letter from Santa Cruz a couple of years ago. 'Decked' is an exhibition featuring a collection of illustrators, designers, tattoo artists and street artists, all showcasing custom designed skate decks. Each deck is hand inked/printed/painted/carved in an effort to celebrate the individual and respect for those who originally changed the face of skate culture, the Dogtown skaters. Come and check it out 25-30 August at StolenSpace Gallery Brick Lane. For more info have a look at thedeckedproject.blogspot.com

so if you want to see some of my drawings and Stus fine printing close up the come and have a look

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