Thursday, 28 January 2010

New Rings

Finally got around to shooting some photos of the bear and panther rings i've been working on recently. Im pretty happy with the way they turned out so i've started working on some custom versions like the panther below which is black rhodium plated on solid sterling silver, 9 ct gold teeth, and diamond eyes. Not sure what's next but there's defiantly a strong chance of some custom bear rings maybe one with a gold tongue? and maybe come white/black gold combinations.

These also have the Strange Fruit initials etched inside as well as full uk hall marks. If your interested in owning one of these just give me a shout...


  1. very interested in owning that panter ring in silver....from were can i order it?

  2. not alot of activity here i guess?? =)
    rly hoping for some replies on were to order from you?

  3. love the silver, you can really see and appreciate the detail in the craft

  4. Hi, I'm a musician by the name of Goldielocks, would be great to wear some of your stuff on stage. I've done a blgo post post on you and your jewellery

    and would be great to let the readers know where they can order and prices (also I'd like to know!) You can shout me on, Thanks

  5. hello,

    i'd like to order one of the bear rings.

  6. Hi there for any press queries please contact
    Emily Yeoh or Shakira Fullwood-Gayle

    Currently you can buy these products at the Great Frog OR Wolf & Badger


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